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Boiler Care and Cover

Peace of mind for a small monthly subscription.

Boiler Care Plans

Peace of mind for a small monthly subscription.

Boiler Care Plans

We’ve got a range of plans to help keep your home warm and working. Whether it’s your boiler, central heating or plumbing our Haus Care cover helps you avoid the unexpected costs of breakdowns and ensures that we are on hand 24×7 for any emergencies.

All plans include an annual service.

People don’t realise just how much we rely on our boilers until it’s too late! When that shower runs cold, or the heating packs up and you’re having to pay a the energy bill – that’s when we soon realise how vital a well-running boiler is for our homes. 

So, what if we told you that you would no longer have to worry about big bills when your boiler breaks down? Sound too good to be true? With our Haus Care plans, you can cover your boiler for breakdowns from as little as £18.13 per month!  

For such a small fee per month you can rest assured that if your boiler was to breakdown, heat haus would fix it – free of charge! Plus, as a Haus Care customer you would qualify for our priority response, meaning we will guarantee to get to you within 24 hours, working towards that same day.   

Our monthly boiler care plans cover any boiler you currently have, as well as new boilers installed by heat haus during the care term.  

There are some added benefits to have Heat Haus install a new boiler for you – you would be given a year’s free Haus Care cover for your new boiler and if you were to join up to certain plans then you would benefit from extra discounts.  

Call us today to see how Haus Care could work for you and get signed up for 2022.

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