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New Boilers

12 year warranty on selected gas boiler installations, installed by local professional and courteous engineers.

New Boilers

12 year warranty on new gas boiler installations installed by local professional and courteous engineers.

Why buy your boiler from us?

Heat Haus has been installing new boilers for forty five years.

Book an appointment to see one of our heating advisers and they’ll help you to find the right boiler for you and your home, which an expert engineer will then install.  Selected gas boilers installed by Heat Haus come with a 12 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

12 Year Warranty

For no extra cost your boiler is covered for 12 years on selected models.

Guarantee a fixed price

Once your heating adviser has given you a quote, it won’t go up. Even if we do any unexpected work. It’s our fixed price guarantee.

Local highly qualified engineers

Our engineers are clean, tidy professionals who take pride in their work.

Why should I install a new boiler?

New boilers have rated efficiencies of 92% or more meaning that they use less fuel, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and are more cost effective. Renewable heat technologies do not use fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions still further. For example, this means by upgrading your boiler to an A-rated boiler, your household heating bill should drop by up to a quarter. 

The Ideal appliances we install here at Heat Haus are some of the best in the world, famed for their quality, reliability and workmanship. The comprehensive product ranges from Ideal offers superior technology and sets new benchmarks. With its high energy efficiency, this range helps to save heating costs and is always the right choice where ecology is concerned.  

All Ideal products meet the requirements of European Directives regarding the reduction of environmental pollution by emissions. Ideal feels a long-standing responsibility for the best possible environmental protection and the maximum preservation of natural resources. 

Ideal develops and produces innovative heating systems that make their case through top quality, energy efficiency and a long service life. Many of these products have become milestones for the heating sector. 

Combined with Ideal’s superior technological advances in the heating industry, Heat Haus can provide an expert, knowledgeable and reliable service to ensure our customers get the best possible experience out of their new boiler – ensuring they’re always in the warm.

Save on your bills 

A way to save you money is probably the most important. You could see a 60% saving on some of the appliances we install, which means you’ll have a few extra pounds to spend on other things! 

Good for the environment 

With the damage to our world is an ever increasing topic of conversation, you can do your bit to help reduce your carbon emissions and make the planet a bit greener. 

Increase the value of your home 

It’s by no means a guaranteed seller for a property, but an energy efficient boiler in the home will often score points with prospective buyers. A boiler that doesn’t break down and that is efficient will help re-sale values. A common question asked at house viewings usually is ‘how old is the boiler’. As if you viewed a house with a 10-year old boiler or a 10-month old boiler, the latter would be favourable. 

12-year guarantee as standard

We believe that superior technology and service should be backed up by substantial guarantees. Because we’re confident of the quality and reliability you will receive from your Heat Haus heating system, we offer some of the industry’s highest guarantees. 

On all Ideal product ranges we supply and fit, we offer an amazing ten year guarantee. Most ordinary system brands come with just a one or two year guarantee – a sure sign that they will break down at some point. 

Added to the above, all new heating systems come backed up with one year’s Haus Care cover absolutely free of charge. In the unlikely event of your boiler breaking down leaving you without heating or hot water, our Haus Care cover gives you complete peace of mind in the worst of situations with parts and labour charges covered. 99% of all calls to our Haus Care clients are answered within 24 hours. 

Often boilers break down for the smallest of reasons, but at Heat Haus we are sure of our technological advances and our investment in quality parts that we can offer these guarantees to give you added confidence when purchasing a system from us.

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